How can we help?

    How much can I afford?

    How much you can afford depends on your income and your monthly expenses. The best way to get an accurate indication is by using our bond affordability calculator and getting a bond certificate. This one page document will break down what home loan you can afford.

    What is affordability based on?

    One of the roles of the National Credit Act of South Africa is to protect South Africans from getting into too much debt. So, they have given us rules to stick to when judging someone’s affordability. In a nutshell, your home loan repayment may not exceed 30% of your gross monthly income. If you are buying a property with a partner, the rule applies to your joint income. Your monthly expenses and credit profile are also taken into account.

    What does a Bond Certificate do?

    A bond certificate is an indication of the home loan amount a bank will probably be willing to offer you. It is calculated based on your income and expenses, making it as accurate as possible. It will allow you to shop for a property in the right price bracket, and it also gives estate agents and sellers some assurance that you’re a serious buyer.

    How much is a Bond Certificate?

    It’s completely free.

    What criteria do banks look at?

    Banks look at your income and expenses, ensuring that you have enough money on a monthly basis to pay the home loan repayments. They also take into consideration the deposit you are able to put down up front. Another important factor is your track record on paying back money. If you have large amounts of debt, or have missed payments on a car or cell phone bill, this may make a bank less likely to loan you money.

    Does the MortgageMe Bond Certificate impact my Credit Score?

    No, it won’t. We do a credit check that is not registered against your credit profile. This means you credit score is not impacted by our check.